Get a permanent anonymous email address in under 30 seconds

But... but why?

Just because sometimes you don't want to be recognized but still want to be contacted.

Creeped out when Facebook suggests you to friend people you emailed years ago even though you never imported contacts? Tired of forgetting your throwaway email accounts and passwords? Want to subscribe to your favorite porn site newsletter but without the risk of being recognized?

NotSharingMy.Info is just for you. We'll give you an obscure email address that you can give out whenever you want to remain anonymous. All mail sent to that address will be forwarded to you. You can have as many surrogate addresses per one "primary" address as you like.

Yet another disposable email service?

NO. NotSharingMy.Info is not about preventing spam. Modern spam filters are already good enough for that (if yours is not, you should definitely take a look at Gmail). It's about protecting privacy. @NotSharingMy.Info addresses are permanent which means if you used them to sign up to a site you'll be receiving everything that site sends to you (which comes handy when you forget your password)

Will you give out my email?

NO. Unless we are required to do so by law. NotSharingMy.Info is not a service for criminals to hide their identity - we will give information to law enforcement without a slightest doubt. But as long as you are not doing anything illegal, your email address will never leave the bounds of our servers.