Web anonymizer [beta]

Access blocked sites, hide your IP, prevent tracking

Favourite website blocked at work? Got banned by IP address on a forum? Or just generally feeling they might be after you?
You've come to the right place! Use this anonymizer to access blocked sites, hide your IP address and maintain anonymity on the Internet.


Yet another anonymizer? Why?

Why not? We built this as a complimentary tool for our anonymous email address service to prevent people's identity accidentally leaking via cookies when visiting the links in emails. But then we realized that it actually works much better than most popular anonymizers and so might be useful as a standalone service.

Why is website X not working?

Implementing a web-based anonymizer poses many difficult challenges, so it is to be expected that some sites will be partially or completely broken. However our goal is to make this anonymizer the most robust one on the Internet. So if you notice a site that is not working correctly, please let us know by emailing to hello@notsharingmy.info.

Why should I trust you with my data?

You should not. We will not disclose your identity / browsing history to anyone unless legally required to do so and we do not store any data transferred between you and the websites you are accessing. However, anyone telling you that an anonymizer can improve security is a liar - adding a man in the middle is never a security gain over a direct communication channel. If, for example, our server gets hacked (which of course is something we are trying hard to prevent), the attacker will have access to all the information you send to a website. This is why it would be extremely unwise to use this (or any other) anonymizer to access websites that request your credit card or any other sensitive information. Anonymity ≠ security.