"Anonymize email" widget [beta]

Make your signup forms convert

Losing potential mailing list subscribers or website members to privacy concerns? We have a really simple cure!

NotSharingMy.Info "anonymize email" widget works by adding an "anonymize" button to the email address field in your form. Those concerned about privacy can use the button to substitute their real email address with an anonymous alias issued by NotSharingMy.Info without leaving your page. The button is branded with our logo and has a tooltip explaining how user's privacy is protected.

While the aliases we issue are anonymous they are not fake addresses in any way - all messages sent to those addresses will is delivered to the recipients. We do not send any "our own" email to those addresses either.

Get it while it's free

We have just launched this service and are looking for early adopters. Sign up now and your widget will be free for lifetime. All we ask for in exchange is your permission to A/B test your form (with vs. without the widget).

Live demo / sign up

To get early access to the widget, please fill out the form below. The "Your email" field in this form is also a live demo of the widget: try typing and email into the field and clicking "anonymize".

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